Branchburg Rotary to distribute $70,000 to local Veterans organizations.

The Rotary Club of Branchburg’s collaborative partnership with the local veterans organizations are going very well.  During the 17th Annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Dinner and the Service of Gratitude, on November 17th, our club will distribute more than $70,000 to various local veterans organizations.

According to club president Julie Ann Juliano ” We call it partnership at work. Making a difference in our Veterans’ life with partnership with these fine organizations like: the Operation Chillout, the Operation Sisterhood, the Operation Jersey Cares, Project Horses for Forces, Welcome Home Vets, New Jersey Veterans Network and the FRONTLINE Arts”

Rotary has been transforming  lives and communities for the last 113 years. To achieve even more truly transformational service, RI President Barry Rassin encourages us to think differently about our role in Rotary, and Rotary’s role in the world during the 2018-19 year.

According to RI President “Globally, Rotary is more relevant than ever before, and its potential for good is vast. Unfortunately, not enough people fully understand what Rotary is and does. Even within clubs, many Rotarians don’t know enough about Rotary to take full advantage of their membership in Rotary. We have opportunity to discuss the many different ways clubs can start or expand service activities to enhance the Rotary experience for our members”.

During the 2018-19 year, President Rassin wants Rotarians to “Be the Inspiration” for positive change, inspiring our clubs, our communities, and our organization to face today’s challenges head on, with courage, optimism, and creativity.

Our club is certainly making a difference in the lives of those veterans who need support. Our club was able to raise funds through our 2nd Annual Ride and Fly events as well as the Veterans Appreciation Day event in partnership with many veterans organizations.  With the support of our Branchburg Rotary members, Rotaract members and many local business communities as well as several foundation’s support we were able to raise more than $100,000 dollars for the club’s community service projects.

Come join us on November 17th as well as celebrate 17th Annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Dinner and the Service of Gratitude by honoring our Veterans organizations and other volunteers.  You can register clicking here.

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Thank you for your support: 2nd Annual Rotary Ride & Fly.

Unbelievable, Unbelievable, Unbelievable, is the only way to describe the food, weather, and rider participation, at the event 2nd Annual Branchburg Rotary’s Ride N Fly event.


Over 275 motorcycles assembled at Raritan Valley Community College to begin the 50 mile scenic ride thru Hunterdon & Somerset Counties. The 2 hour escorted ride was lead by the Somerset County Sheriff Department, Dave Tyms, retired Union PD, and the Millburn & Linden Police departments.

The Ride n Fly would not be a success without the support of numerous individuals, organizations and businesses. We would like to mention a few of those, Dawn Patrol, Damon House of New Brunswick,


Our Special Thanks to our sponsors like South Branch Family Practice, Clark Travel, 911 Carting-Septinc, Active Disposal, Senator Bateman, Manville Pizza Restaurant, Premio’s Sausage, BJ’s Flemington, Wegman, Home Depot, Shop Rite of Branchburg, Stop & Shop of Flemington, Lowes, Costco of Flemington and many more. We apologize for not mentioning everyone but you will not be forgotten.

“All the hard work and dedication from our members along with the support of vendors, riders, and Rotary clubs helped us grow 100% over last year. We were told the ride was spectacular, and the food terrific”. Club President Julie Ann Juliano

Don’t forget the winner of the 2018 HD motorcycle Mary Tabbit, aka Mary on the Loose. I can’t begin to express our gratitude to Mary on the Loose and Steve Kaiser Productions for the monthly TV interviews supporting Rotary and the Branchburg Rotary Club.

The 2nd Branchburg Ride n Fly is history and we are already thinking about next year.

The date for the 3rd Branchburg Rotary Ride n Fly is September 15, 2019 so SAVE THE DATE the date. The location will be the same, The Central Jersey Regional Airport in Hillsborough, NJ.

2019 will be bigger & better than 2018.

THANK YOU again for your support and participation.


The Rotary Club of Branchburg is made up of a diverse group of professional leaders working to address various community and international service needs. Through their various humanitarian activities and programs, they have supported local charities in an effort to allow them to continue their various missions. Through community service and other means, Branchburg club […]


THANK YOU for your support

On behalf of the members of the Rotary Club of Branchburg, We would like to thank everyone who participated and supported our annual PEDALS FOR PROGRESS (P4P) bicycle collection  held on September 15 at the Branchburg Municipal building. It was a grand  success.  We collected more than 185 bicycles and 16 sewing machines.

Thanks to sponsors like the MiddleEarth, ACTIVE DISPOSAL and Senator Bateman’s office.

P4P collects 3,000 to 5,000 bicycles annually and transfers this material wealth to those more needy. To date, more than 143,000 have been shipped to developing countries in Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe. In these countries the bikes are reconditioned by partner agencies and distributed at low cost to poor working adults.

These bikes provide them with reliable transportation for commuting to work, transporting product to market, or accessing health care and other services. Steady employment for these adults is vital to the development and success for these economies. It costs $40 to collect, process, ship, rebuild and distribute each bicycle.


Rotary International is the world’s largest service club organization with more than 1.2 million members in approximately 45,000 clubs in more than 208 countries and geographical areas around the world. Founded in 1907. And although the organization is best known for fighting poverty, the Club also performs volunteer work for many different kinds of community projects – including caring for the environment, feeding the hungry, and aiding seniors and the disabled.


The Branchburg Rotary Club will celebrate its 30th year celebration by taking a look back at its long history and continuing service to our community and communities around the world that has shaped its future.

The Rotary’s charter member and past district governor, Dr. Tulsi R. Maharjan, explained that “our story began 30 years ago when twenty five local business people and community leaders applied to Rotary International to start a Rotary Club in Branchburg.

Sponsored by the Somerville-Bridgewater Rotary, the Branchburg Rotary Club received its official charter on September 2, 1988. The new Rotary immediately set to work, its goal being to fulfill the promise of the Rotary’ motto: Serve Above Self.’”

Despite membership being open to men only during its early years, our club had several women members and local Club grew and very quickly became a mainstay in the community we serve.

Today, the opportunity to become a Rotarian is open to people from all walks of life, irrespective of gender, religion, ethnicity.

Initially only focused on raising funds to support local and International charities, now we are collaborating with various community and international groups to keep the humanity in motion, over its three decades the club’s mission has expanded dramatically.

In addition to Humanitarian missions to Nepal and Ecuador, our Club currently provides micro finance worth $100,000 in Nepal to provide financial assistance to human services organizations such as well-known the Midland School, MiddleEarth,  Frontline Arts, Welcome Home Vets and Operation Chillout.

Also,  our Youth activities are a major part of the Rotary’ current focus. Rotary has sponsored students to do humanitarian work in Ecuador and Nepal and in addition to local school children participating in Rotary’s Peace project and End Hunger project each year, Branchburg Rotary also sponsor two Interact clubs and one Rotaract club. Interact Clubs are community service organizations whose members are high school students ages 15 and older. The Rotary also grant numerous scholarships and academic awards each year.

The Rotary’ ability to raise funds sufficient to support their many charitable activities has grown dramatically over the years. Its early year salad Sale at the 4H and dog census taking gave way to its annual Motor cycle raffle, yearly veterans appreciation day celebration, and annual Rotary Bingo, all of which are now as much community activities as they are fundraisers.

Classified as a 501C(3) non-profit entity, the Branchburg Rotary Foundation has raised and distributed more than half a million dollars for various local and International projects.

Rotary’ Current President Dr. Julie Ann Julaino explained that one reason for the Rotary’ successful fundraising is “people appreciate the fact that 100% of our net proceeds go directly to the charities that the Club supports. None of the funds raised or donations received is ever used to meet the club’s administrative expenses. Those costs are paid by the Rotary’ themselves.”

For more details about membership opportunities in the Branchburg Rotary Club, and information about its many community activities, visit the club’s website, Facebook

Be our Partner – Collaborative Partnership at work.

Rotary Club of Branchburg functions as a highly efficient nonprofit organization. Last year, 100% of the funding we raised went directly to our community projects. In order for us to accomplish this, we rely heavily on our program partners, who act as an extension of our mission.

Each year, we work with many organizations in the community. Our program partners are essential in allowing us to reach needy people in our community and communities around the world.

Our partners come from a variety of backgrounds – from civil servants to local businesses and corporate sponsors. Some help us identify people in need and help us fulfill their needs, while others assist us with funding, volunteering or cause marketing.

Maybe you’ve wondered how you can help meet a need in your own community. Maybe you want to use your professional skills to help others – or even learn new skills. Maybe you’re interested in connecting with other service-minded professionals and community leaders locally or abroad.

Whatever your reason, joining Rotary can help you achieve these goals, and so much more. Learn how you can get involved.

THE ASHA PROJECT -Providing Hope and Opportunities for the people of Nepal.

Asha is the Nepali word for “HOPE.” When we think about what motivates us to serve, we are drawn to this word, which is the name of my current mission, the Asha Project. To us, hope and opportunity are really at the core of Rotary’s mission. It is what motivates us to help the people of Nepal.


Hope and opportunity brought me to America 45 years ago and I always wanted to do something for the less fortunate in Nepal. Now, my son, Anil, has joined me as a member of our club to assist with this project. We will be taking our fifth humanitarian mission in early February 2019. While there, we will also celebrate 27th years of humanitarian work in Nepal.


For over 27 years, the Rotary Club of Branchburg and District 7510 has been working to provide scholarship funds, micro-credit loans, and training programs through international grants. Our collaborative projects partner with many community organizations to create a new network of hope.


We formally created The ASHA PROJECT in response to the April 2015 earthquake in Nepal. In March 2016, we traveled to Nepal with the goal of rebuilding homes. When we visiting a rebuilding project, we spoke with many people in the community and they told us that they were interested in opportunities to work cooperatively with other organizations.

We realized that house building was not enough. For a country that has spent decades dealing with political turmoil and economic instability, we recognized that simply resetting life to what it was like prior to the earthquake was only a beginning.


This is why the three pillars of the ASHA PROJECT are: building homes to help create stronger families, creating $100,000 micro credit loans to provide a prosperous future and grow micro-businesses, and providing Rays of Hope scholarships for under-represented ethnic groups.

We are furthering our collaboration by sending Rotaract students to volunteer in Nepal during their winter break. We also recently welcomed a student from Nepal to complete his master’s program in health management funded by a Rotary global grant scholarship. We are working on building schools and several digital divide computer projects to connect these students with the outside world as part of District 3292’s Total Literacy Project.


With our patience and persistence, we have been able to complete more than half of million dollars worth of humanitarian projects in Nepal. With everyone’s support, hard work and dedication many children in Nepal are getting opportunities to be what they wish to become. Let’s spread the message that though Rotary we can provide hope and opportunities for millions of people around the world. That’s what Rotary has done through the Rotary Foundation for the past 113 years.